Buzinski prilaz 10, 10010 Zagreb, Croatia
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KING ICT is a company specialising in advanced information and communication technology solutions, which represent one of the four main branches of M SAN Group business. Our solutions increase the efficiency of the business environment, automate business processes, reduce costs through the optimization of infrastructure and facilitate decision making on the basis of reliable and timely information.

Our customers operate in a wide variety of business activities such as transport, energetics, agriculture, health, education, judiciary, trade, finance, telecommunications, construction,...

Our solutions are accepted by customers in other markets. Therefore, we have opened offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, 2006), Serbia (Belgrade, 2007), Macedonia (Skopje, 2008) and Kosovo (Pristina, 2011).

As a regional system integrator, we are closely connected with global technology partners, which gives our customers access to the latest technology and practices. Our business processes are harmonized with the international standards ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management), and all the complex phases of the integration processes are led by experienced experts, as recommended by PMI. We have developed a network of service centres on the Croatian territory that are available 24/7.

KING ICT is the majority owner of two companies: Aktivis - a company specialised in the development of document management solutions (DMS) and Smart Energy - a company specialised in implementing of measures in the field of energy efficiency.


Our Mission

We transform the potentials of technology into business values.


Our Vision

To be the leading information and communication services provider in the region.

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