s-peers AG

Lohstampfestrasse 11, 8274 T├Ągerwilen, Switzerland
Contact: Mr. Michael May, +41 (71) 667 0067, michael.may@s-peers.com

s-peers AG

s-peers AG

You want to upgrade, automate and digitalise your analytics, reporting or planning environment?


Then you are welcome at s-peers AG.

We are the SAP Analytics Manufactory - located in Tägerwilen at Lake Constance and in Basel in Switzerland.


Our consultants work across industries and solve your analytical topics.

We transform your data in high quality and build a user group specific reporting on top.

This can be a planning environment for your controlling, a standard reporting for your management or even a self-service environment for your analysts.

Predictive questions will also be answered by our Data Scientists. Our engineers support you in your IoT scenarios.

We look forward to meeting you personally. Please contact us. We will help you with your digitalization.

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Please note that you are contacting s-peers AG directly and that SAP will not store any personal data.