The Power of Partnerships: Changing the Game for Digital Transformation

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Game-changing technology strategies are transformational, exciting and disruptive for a reason. They shake up your status quo. They get you thinking about new ways to scale, compete and grow. They move you in amazing new directions.

Join host Bonnie D. Graham as she invites you to take an additional Coffee Break with Game-Changers for our special series on The Power of Partnerships: Changing the Game for Digital Transformation, Presented by SAP.

We’ll explore the fundamentals of how technology partner ecosystems play a critical role in delivering the digital transformation services and solutions to customers, and how those partner channel networks and support programs, found in the software industry, are key to vendors, partners, and crucial to companies moving into the digital world.

Learn how you can become the savvy leader who takes your company across the finish line as you look ahead to the next wave of business innovation.

Episode 1: Is Collaboration a Strategic Imperative?

Collaboration is a strategic imperative as industries become increasingly digital, with partnership emerging as a new core competency for leading businesses across industries. Partnering pushes platforms and products into new markets, enabling companies to leapfrog the traditional barriers of expansion and scale by leveraging the core competencies of each partner. Our expert panel are immersed in the world of driving top performing Partner Ecosystems and share the key ingredients and best practice support needed for successful partnerships.

Expert Panel
Rumyana Trencheva, SVP, GPO+GB, MEE
Hynek Semecky, Channel Manager, GPO MEE
Malcolm Hamilton, Global Marketing Director

SAP CFPI · Is collaboration a strategic imperative?

Episode 2: What Keeps CEOs Awake at Night?

Hiring and retaining talent is a topconcern for CEOs. As we emerge from the current global crisis, the topic of talent will still be a key issue in the boardroom, where among the companies at the leading edge of innovation (and success) there is one constant: their ability to attract, hire and engage top talent.? One leading talent acquisition company working in the tech sector found that in 2019 75% of companies had problems finding candidates and only 21% of employees worldwide were actively looking for a job. The McKinsey Global Institute projected that globally by 2020, 38 million to 40 million fewer workers with tertiary education (college or postgraduate degrees) than employers will need, or 13 percent of the demand for such workers.

Expert Panel
Dietmar Kilian – Founding Partner PDA Group and MCI Professor for Digitalization
Petra Maria Heeb – Mindfullness Expert & Senior Customer Engagement Executive, SAP
Juergen Kleinsteuber – Head of Strategic and Performance Programs, SAP MEE GPO

Episode 3: Cloud Solution Adoption – Hit and Run Never Works!

For the end-customer, cloud services come with an abundance of benefits: minimizing IT-infrastructure costs, seamless upgrades, reduction of risk compared to traditional deployment – the list goes on. ​

It’s a different picture when viewed through the eyes of the service providers. Cloud has thoroughly disrupted the way they sell and work with the customers. It is forcing vendors to completely rethink their business models and place a greater emphasis on customer experience and success through adopting the solution​

Expert Panel
Nikolaus Krasser, Co-CEO of Pentos AG
Linus Tabellion, Project Manager at DRÄXLMAIER Group
John Scola, GVP, SAP Global Channels Cloud & Strategy.

Episode 4: Searching for Bigger Deals

Everyone may have large deals in their sales forecasts, but winning them consistently remains elusive for many companies. We bring you and expert panel to share their experiences on the critical ingredients for success. And in this new era of cloud computing we look at the critical role of partnerships, where a recent study showed 72% of corporates have won a significant customer contract through an innovation partnership.

Expert Panel
Frank Strack, SAP VP Head Strategic Initiatives GPO & GB, MEE
Alexander Kintzi, SAP Regional Vice President of Commercial Sales Middle and Eastern Europe
Neil Cox, IoT Council, CMO Council & ABM Marketing Specialist

Episode 5: Talent Retention

Business leaders must evolve their programs to reflect the major shifts in how people work and how business gets done. Educate yourself and listen in to what our top panelists have to say.

Expert Panel
Oliver Maurath, Principal Project Lead, metafinanz
Florian Dreifus, COO SuccessFactors MEE, SAP
Morten Babakhani, CEO, Brandmonks

Episode 6: Sales & Marketing Alignment

From leveraging CX platforms & technology-based insights to planning and operations, we share the experience of 3 expert panelists in bringing the Sales and Marketing Functions together.

Expert Panel
Sebastian Fick, Senior Director of Global Sales, e2y
Sandra Zoratti, CMO Counci
Shirin Fuchs, Solution Sales Executive, SAP

Episode 7: Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking evolved as tech start-ups innovated new ways to drive massive growth in a short time on small budgets. Digital marketing tools and analytics in parallel drove the rise of the digital CMO with large companies adopting growth hacking practices.

Expert Panel
Marco Argaez, Global Head of Partner Digital & Social Selling, SAP
Jindřich Bečvář, Co-Owner of Success Solutions

Episode 8: Deal Closing

CSO Insights in their Annual Sales Enablement Study found the win rate for forecast deals was just 46.4%. How is it then that top performing B2B companies achieve up to an 80% deal close ratio and what do they do differently. Our expert panel share their experiences.

Expert Panel
Simone Oesch, Commercial & Channel Sales MEE Swiss Romande SAP
Michael May, Managing Director s-peers AG
Frederik Uekermann, Account Executive

Episode 9: Building Winning Teams for 2021: A Return to Growth

How do you bring together and harness the skills of your teams, integrate new talent and galvanize your entire company toward shared goals and a new era horizon in 2021? Start by looking at how shared resources, collaboration and the support of partnership ecosystems are critical to your planning.

Expert Panel
Thomas Pickel, Vice President Digital Hub General Business & Partner Organization (GB & GPO), MEE at SAP
Edwyn Van Rooyen, CEO of T-Cup
Jørgen Lindegaard, Global Sales Leadership Performance SAP

Episode 10: Customer Success is Vendor Success

To achieve customer success for vendors with an indirect business model, vendors need to provide a frictionless and consistent experience across all touchpoints with customers and the ecosystem. So how is customer success ‘done right’ in today’s ever-changing business environment?

Expert Panel
Robert Geppert, Chief Customer Officer, Sybit GmbH, Member of itelligence Group
Hans Georg Uebe, Global Head, Ecosystem Delivery Success Tony Pante, Global Vice President, Customer First, Digital Engagement Centre of Excellence.

Episode 11: Disruptive Innovation in a new world era

The impact of the covid-19 crisis is forcing companies to adapt and innovate even faster in deteriorating general conditions. Key to success is the innovation program supporting this, with the need to align business strategy, employees, technology platforms and ecosystems with customer needs.

Expert Panel
Alex Brayshaw, Senior Strategic Marketer
Aleix Valls, CEO & Co-Founder, Liquid
Axel Deniz-Johannis, Lead Open Innovation Strategy, PwC Germany

Episode 12: 2021 A New Era of Partnerships and Growth

Amid the challenges of 2020, the high-tech industry proved it can sustain and even grow in the most demanding of times. Our expert panel discuss some of the key driving forces behind this phenomenon, from rapid adoption of the cloud computing platform to agile business innovation and collaboration of partnerships.

Expert Panel
Christina Bronsch, Head of Channel Management & GPO Transformation, MEE
Charles Bennett, Global Cloud Channel Development Expert
Paul Logue, SVP and Global Head of Insights